Article: How to be a productive breastfeeding Mom?


Many moms agree that finding time to do other things while breastfeeding is a luxury. Yet not having enough time to do our work or even take care of ourselves can have a long-lasting effect on our physical and psychological health. It is very common for moms with newborns or first-time moms to fall into post-partum depression because of the many changes and adjustments that come with a new baby. Makes you wonder, can moms really do it all?

This is why we at Orange and Peach want to share with you a list of productive things that you can do while latching your baby or pumping. With just the right amount of time management and multitasking, you’ll be amazed by all the things that you can accomplish for the following even while breastfeeding.


Your self-care has probably fallen down your priorities list since having a baby. This is a good time to nap, eat a snack, read a book, watch some TV, check your email, do a little online shopping, browse the internet for a new recipe, listen to a podcast, get a foot spa, or do a little meditation--or even nothing at all! Don’t forget to do something for yourself occasionally, even when attached to your baby.

Your support network.

Been too busy to catch up with your friends or family?  Now is a good time to send them a message. Better yet, if anyone is free, invite them over for a hang out! Who knows, they may even offer to help around the house while you nurse. The point is to remain connected to people that matter to you while being connected to you baby.

Your household.

You can prepare recipes and grocery shopping lists while breastfeeding. Once your baby has good head control, you can even put her in a sling while doing some minor errands around the house. You can also make a mental checklist of all the things you have to do while attached to your baby or pump. Paying your bills over your mobile phone will also be helpful in accomplishing your to-do list. 

Your baby/babies.

It is possible to trim your baby’s nails while breastfeeding. Just make sure he or she is properly latched and that your hands are free. If your baby is awake, you can also read their eyes, sing or talk to your baby or even read them a book, which is good for stimulating her brain development. If you have other children, you can also take the time to read them a book or tell a story while you are breastfeeding. This will help them be connected and supportive of what you are doing for their sibling.


And if you still need something to help you save time while breastfeeding, try Orange and Peach Silicone Milk Saver Pump. 

Saving time even when breastfeeding lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Orange and Peach understands that time is precious to all moms. We want you to make the most out of your breastfeeding sessions by enabling you to collect as much milk as possible even when latching. That’s why we’re introducing the Orange and Peach Silicone Milk Saver Pump. This affordable, effective, and high-quality pump stimulates and collects your let down so that you can save milk even when latching your baby. This will lessen the need for you to pump using your regular pump after each latching session, which equates to more spare time for you to do other things. This portable pump comes with a free storage pouch and can fit easily into your bag so that you can pump anytime and anywhere—even while stuck in traffic during your daily commute. Orange and Peach Silicone Milk Saver Pump is your perfect tool to becoming a more productive and ultimately happier mom.

Silicone Milk Saver Pump
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So, remember that although breastfeeding takes up a lot of time, there are ways to make it as productive and as enjoyable as possible. With the right amount of time management and multitasking—and the Milk Saver Pump—you’ll soon be on your way to doing it all.

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