Featured: The Baby Care Starter Kit: What Every New Mom Needs

by: Ayna Guevara

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With motherhood comes a totally new life, in more ways than one. Sure, your love will be infinite and your joy unlike any other. But how do you begin taking care of your beautiful baby when your hormones are on overdrive, your body is still changing, and sleep seems so out of reach?



As challenging as this new stage in your life may be, always remember you’re not alone. It’ll feel like a crisis, but having backup helps—especially during those first few months. Believe us: as long as you have your loving support community (we’re here for you!), a good coffee maker, and these 6 new mom essentials in your corner, you can get through anything!





WHY YOU NEED IT: Much has been said about breastfeeding: emotional, painful, relaxing, rewarding. But at one point in your nursing journey, you may find yourself in need of a breast milk pump. Whether it’s to keep milk supply flowing (not all new moms will be able to feed on demand, and that’s okay!), relieve engorgement, or take a much-needed break, it’s sure to come in handy. So, take a bit of the pressure off and scout for a pump you can trust. Whatever your specific need is, you can’t go wrong with one that’s not only comfortable and portable, but can withstand daily usage, too.

WE RECOMMEND: The Orange & Peach Silicon Milk Saver Pump (P550) collects milk effortlessly with zero leakage, so you save every drop!
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WHY YOU NEED THEM: Wherever breast pumps go, breastmilk storage bags should follow. They’re incredibly useful for all the same reasons, helping you ensure that your little one always has access to what they need the most. Pro-tip: label your bags with dates! Breast milk can last up to 2 weeks when stored at the back of the freezer, so you’re sure to always have some in case of emergencies.

WE RECOMMEND: The Orange & Peach Breastmilk Storage Bags (350ml) (P280) are pre-sterilized, leak-, and tamper-proof. They’re also from BPA and phthalates, so you don’t need to worry about any potentially harmful chemicals. They can even stand on their own, which makes them a cinch to fill! Plus, they can be lined up in the fridge for efficient storage.

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