Breastmilk Storage Bags | 25S (1 Box)

Breastmilk Storage Bags | 25S (1 Box)


Store your precious liquid gold conveniently and safely in Orange and Peach breastmilk storage bags. 

  • 12 oz. or approximately 350 ml. storage capacity

  • BPA and Phthalate free

  • Refrigerator and freezer safe

  • Double zip lock feature prevents leakage

  • Self standing

  • Lays flat to save freezer space

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How To Use


1. Remove the perforated tab at the top part of the bag. Open the bag and pour expressed breastmilk.

2. Remove air to flatten the bag and seal with zip lock.

3. Label the bag before storing in the refrigerated or freezers. Lay it flat to save storage space.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the milk bags be reused?

No, the milk bags are disposable. However, they can be washed and reused to store other items.

Is there are need to wash or sterilize the milk bags before using?

No, the milk bags are presterilized. There is no need to wash or sterilize before using.

How long can you store expressed breastmilk in the freezer?

Our suggested milk storage guidelines are printed at the back of the box of our packaging. You may use it to guide you in storing your breastmilk.