Natural Wooden Hairbrush set (Brush and Comb Set)

Natural Wooden Hairbrush set (Brush and Comb Set)


Orange and Peach Natural Wooden Hairbrush set (Brush and Comb Set) uses all natural goat’s hair bristles to gently massage your baby’s scalp. It can also prevent cradle caps. The set comes with a natural wooden comb for detangling and styling. 

  • Made of natural wood

  • Made of Goat’s hair bristles for baby’s delicate and fine hair

  • For newborns and  up

  • BPA Free/No harsh chemicals/ Non Static

  • Great for gifts and baby showers

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How To Use


1. There is no need to wash the brush and comb prior to initial use but if you prefer to wash it, simply use soap and water and let dry prior to using.

2. Use the brush to massage your baby’s scalp and the comb to style/detangle your baby’s hair.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using natural goat’s hair bristles to brush your baby’s hair?

Natural goat’s hair bristles have the ability to distribute natural oils down your baby’s hair shaft to help condition and smoothen your baby’s hair. It can also help prevent cradle cap that is common in newborns.

Why natural goat’s hair bristles and not ordinary plastic brush?

Baby’s scalp is still soft and sensitive and plastic hair bristles can be stiff and hard. Orange and Peach natural goat’s hair bristles are super soft and gentle to make sure that your baby’s scalp is not damaged or hurt.