Nasal Cleaner

Nasal Cleaner


A nasal aspirator is a convenient and effective device for bringing comfort to a child especially in times of colds and flus.  Orange and Peach® Nasal Cleaner allows you to manually suction the excess mucus from your baby’s nose to help relieve nasal congestion; allowing infants to sleep more soundly and letting them recover faster from sickness.


  • BPA and Phthalates Free

  • With extra nasal tip and sterilizer box 

  • Transparent to let you see color of mucus from baby’s nose

  • Washable and Sterilizable

  • No need to replace/buy extra parts  

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How To Use

  1. Place the tip close to the nostril.

  2. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and apply suction. The mucus will collect hygienically in the sealed tip base. Vary the level of your suction as necessary.

  3. Clean the nasal cleaner before and after each use. You may sterilize especially if using between babies.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t the mucus get into my mouth when I use Orange and Peach Nasal Cleaner?

No, the mucus will be collected in the tip base and covered with a valve so that mucus won’t get into your mouth.

How do I clean the nasal cleaner?

Use warm soap and water to clean the part of the nasal cleaner. Be careful in handling the tip base and valve to avoid tearing it off from the base. You may also choose to sterilize the nasal cleaner especially if using between infants.

Are there any parts needed to be replaced?

There is no need to buy replacement parts unless both the tip base gets broken. All our nasal clear comes with an extra tip.